Zoom Meeting Transcription

Zoom transcription
To say the use of video conferencing, the likes of Zoom, has taken off since the pandemic would be an understatement. In May 2020, there were reported to be 200 million daily participants on Zoom, rising to 300 million in June 2020 (compared to 10 million in December 2019).

It’s clearly been useful for so many people during these difficult times, and in business terms it’s really useful for staying connected with people when flying or long distance travel has been off limits. Post-pandemic, a bulk of travel may remain a non-option to be replaced with video conferencing options in order to cut costs.

Recording the audio-visual from meetings has complemented business connectedness and resulted in improved communication. The audio can be typed up accurately and quickly, and be easily gathered and distributed to participants or other invested individuals or teams.

Accurate data from all meetings and conferences is so important for businesses. Inaccurate information or gaps in data cost businesses large losses every year. Transcribing your video meetings is another way to ensure you capture everything that was said and not miss a thing.  

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