Scottish Accent Transcription

Scottish transcription
We specialise in Scottish language transcription. Our business is based in Scotland and we have a dedicated team of Scottish transcribers (typists) who are used to transcribing a range of different accents and dialects from all around the UK.

All documents are typed and proofread by the transcriber in the first instance and are finally quality controlled by the business owner – a native Scottish speaker – so you can be certain that we have not just typed what we think was said, but we have thoroughly understood what is being said and captured the meaning, to ensure your research is accurate.

Our prices are competitive and are simple – there are no hidden costs. As they are charged per audio minute (i.e. by the duration in minutes of recording/s), you can rest assured knowing how much the job will cost upfront.

Contact us at or 01875 340 892 to find out more.