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7 Ways Podcast Transcripts Can Boost Your Audience

Podcast Transcription - 7 Ways Podcast Transcripts Can Boost Your Audience

You want people to listen to your podcasts, not read them, right?  Not exactly.  Let us fill you in on how making available a typed up version of your shows (a transcript) can help you reach a wider audience – the ultimate goal of podcasting!    

Delivering your product or content in as many platforms as possible is a great way to help expand your business and reach a wider audience. At Outsource Typing, we specialise in transcribing audio and can type up your show recordings into a transcript document for you to use on your website, to send to subscribers – whatever you want (more about using transcript content below…). 

A growing number of people are looking to have their podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos transcribed, recognising a variety of benefits:

1. Enhances search engine optimisation (SEO) – content from the transcript can be used on your website, blog or social media, or the actual full transcript uploaded to your site for your audience, providing lots of new and regular content for search engines to crawl, which boosts SEO. Google searches are getting smarter all the time with autocomplete and picking up trends, and monitors how people search for things, which can include trends in how people talk – helpful if you have written transcripts of people actually talking, with all of the great content that they are speaking about, which has the the huge potential to crop up in all kinds of searches.   

“Podcasting is a great medium for engaging with your audience – for really building a relationship – but it’s not a patch on text content when it comes to being found in search, simply because that’s how people use Google – by typing in their questions! That’s why we always include a good written version of every podcast episode we create, so that we make a search friendly and easily findable version of our podcast episodes. Transcriptions are a great way to do this, providing a full copy of everything said on the show. Not only do they help in search, but they help the accessibility of your content, providing a written version for anyone with hearing impairments, or for those that simply want to review or skim through your content. While we love audio as a medium, it works even more effectively alongside text, and that’s why there’s a lot of power in transcriptions.”
Colin Gray, The Podcast Host

2. Makes content readily available – quote or use content in any way you want for your blog, website or on social media, etc., and include links to any websites or products mentioned.  Keeping your “content profile” updated regularly with new information and links provides the best chance at staying afloat in the search engine ratings, making sure people can find you.  Content can easily be used on your site for blogging and social media posts or marketing products, services, events or other important messages.

3. Produces cross-selling / marketing opportunities – as touched on above, you can use the typed content to create lead-magnet freebies (e.g. e-books, reports, guides, mini-courses, etc.).

4. Reaches wider audiences – the hearing impaired, or those unable to display audio/video content due to IT restrictions (e.g. at a workplace or library).

5. Reaches people with time constraints – some people may just find it easier to read the transcript document or content.  Don’t forget, getting them hooked by reading the transcripts can mean repeat visits or new subscribers if they like what they see…

“Transcripts are an essential part of my podcast. Each podcast I broadcast is accompanied by a detailed blog post based on a transcript of the show. Why? Not everyone wants to listen, some people want to read. By providing both the audio and written version of the show I’m reaching more people, it also makes my content accessible to those with hearing difficulties.  The blog posts are popular, get indexed by Google and help my website reach more people, the podcasts build stronger relationships because it’s my voice in your ear. They work well together.”
Amanda Webb, Spiderworking

6. Reaches foreign audiences – the transcripts are easily translatable into any language from the written transcribed content.

7. Enables smartphone/tablet users on the go – they can browse the written content using less data as opposed to listening/watching, perhaps enticing them to come back and listen/subscribe later – again, no opportunities missed!

We’re trained and qualified in editing and proofreading, so you can trust that your work will always be word-perfect and professionally presented, taking the headache out of editing the content yourself.  Why not trial it out – there is no commitment; we are a pay-as-you go style service, and if you want 1 or 100 podcasts typed up it is totally up to you.  No contracts, no fuss, just great service. 

Get in touch today: fiona@outsource-typing.com

40 examples of transcription we provide


Case Studies | Questions to ask your VA

Virtual Assistant Case Studies

To demonstrate how you can utilise our services and to give an idea of cost-effectiveness, we’ve outlined below some case study examples of work we’ve done recently for our valued clients.

The task: Telemarketing / database creation 
What we did: 9 hours over the course of six weeks – researched potential customers, gathered the details, followed up with calls and created user-friendly Excel database with all info. Passed this on to our client who then did a mass cut and paste of the email addresses gathered for a brief follow-up email to all, and et voilà, effective marketing to around 200 potential leads.
Cost: All for around £160!

The task: Survey Monkey – Survey creation and maintenance
What we did: 13 hours of admin time perfecting four long and complex in-depth surveys. Saved the client considerable time and effort as these can be tricky and require thorough testing before making them available to complete.
Cost: Just over £200

The task: Blog article drafting
What we did: Two hours drafting a blog article collating best tips from previous articles. I’m trained in editing and also a keen writer, and lover of the English language, and relish these types of task! If you’re looking to buy time and rehash or recap while you’re thinking up new material, this can be a good way to keep your readership and followers engaged meanwhile – plus other ideas can often be sparked from revisiting and reviewing.
Cost: £36

The task: Editing and proofreading
What we did: Looked at 36-page e-book a longstanding client had created, edited and proofread so it was ready for publishing.
Cost: £36

The task: Typing
What we did: As well as PA and admin type duties, we also carry out a lot of typing! We take on many hours each month and pride ourselves on always returning on or before the deadline and to the highest standards. Examples of work provided: medico-legal reports; medical correspondence; legal correspondence and file notes; CVs; interview recordings; PDF to Word conversions (involves tidying up formatting). We also take on regular copy typing handwritten docs and data entry tasks – of all shapes and sizes!
Cost: From 85p per recorded audio minute

Hopefully this gives an insight into what we do all day! And it proves that you can use our service as and when you need it – there’s no commitments or packages to consider or anything like that – you simply pay for the time you use and you can cap this at any figure you would like. We work to your budget!

So if you require any of the above, travel planning, event organisation (room/venue bookings, catering), formal meeting room bookings, database creation or management, data entry, podcast transcription (the list goes on… – hopefully you get the idea!) then just drop us an email or a call, we’d be happy to discuss how we can help. We are resourceful, well established and have access to lots of local and national resources, as well as bags of initiative and great ideas – just ask us!

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