Cost Comparison – Staff vs. Freelance Virtual Assistant

Thinking of hiring a temp, or full/part-time in-house staff to assist with admin or secretarial tasks?  How many of these tasks could be done remotely (off-site) by a skilled Virtual Assistant? To show how outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can save you money, take a look at these cost comparison stats.

Because Virtual Assistants are specialised, highly experienced and have accumulated resources and connections at their fingertips, this automatically reduces down the number of hours spent on your tasks – important when you only pay for the time you use. We aren’t paid for coffee breaks, holidays or training. We are also self-employed – no need to worry about tax, National Insurance, overtime, mandatory pension, sickness/holiday pay, admin resources, equipment, supplies or training costs.

Our comparison guide above followed the version kindly offered by VA Networking.