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My e-book is not free, but it is affordable, and PACKED with invaluable info from an expert insider perspective with a proven method for success. Running a successful transcription business full-time since 2011 means I know what it takes to make it as a freelancer and business owner in this field.   

I’ve authored a perfectly tailored and indispensable all-in-one guide for typists wishing to start up a new business or enhance their freelance career to boost income. Designed for secretaries/typists, PAs/admins, writers and proofreaders looking to transfer their valuable skills for the first time – or as a refresher – into working at home for transcription companies.

You might be:

  • Working full-time but want to reduce your hours and earn extra money working from home
  • Working full-time as a transcriber but want to advance to the next level and boost your income, earning money from your own clients, in addition to having the optional safety net of agency working too
  • Soon to retire but looking for optional, occasional ad hoc freelance work into the future
  • Experiencing redundancy and want to transfer your skills into something new or temporary
  • Seeking a change in a new role utilising your existing skills
  • Unsure of how you can get into the industry/unsure how to approach transcription companies for work
  • Consistently getting knocked back on your applications for employment with transcription companies (I can tell you why!)
  • Simply looking for a more flexible working life

The e-book has been carefully put together from YEARS of tried and tested approaches and experience in the transcription industry as a competitive transcription service. It’s PACKED with hard-earned knowledge, honest advice, resources and helpful mini projects that will maximise your chances of getting accepted by transcription agencies. It will give you the tools to help you start up your own transcription business or make it as a freelance transcriber, taking assignments as and when you want!

Find out everything you need to know to get started and beyond all in one helpful guide – from equipment to IT, from finances to legal and regulatory advice and many, many more important and fundamental topics are covered, along with a detailed breakdown of transcript types, example transcripts, industry insides, innovative tips, clever tricks and invaluable resources you won’t find elsewhere (or that other educators or mentors want to keep to themselves!)

I’ve been in the industry since 2011, and I run my own successful transcription business. I’ve worked as a freelancer with all types of transcription businesses and my own clients – from large to small, and all over the globe. I know what it takes to make it, and I can share my secrets with you to help make the process easier for you.  I can help you succeed where others have and can so easily fail without the right coaching.

The e-book contains 65 detailed full A4 pages in a PDF (or MS Word format) download, ready to print or be read on screen. The user-friendly interactive document navigation makes it easy to jump between sections for easy referencing. A printed and bound copy is available by post within the UK for an small extra charge – please message me for details:

Each customer will be offered access to our members only Facebook Group where you can chat with myself and others about all things transcription and ask any follow-up questions you might have.

Discover today exactly what you need to know in one affordable and easy to reference guide.

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