Our dedicated UK typists deliver your transcription work

We never use non-human methods for transcription (voice-recognition software). We only ever use our own carefully selected and highly skilled UK-based transcribers. We are also formally qualified in proofreading. We offer the following core tasks:

Outsource Typing Core Services

Transcription, Typing & Secretarial Services

We carry out a range of complex transcription and typing tasks such as:

Medical Transcription – click here to find out more
Medico-legal reports, expert witness reports, psychology reports, psychiatry reports, medical notes, summaries, clinic letters, etc.

Legal Transcription / HR Transcription – click here to find out more
Correspondence, memos, court documents for solicitors. We can produce a verbatim transcript of your grievance interviews and disciplinary hearing interviews.

Academic Transcription – click here to find out more
We assist students with dissertations, interviews, academic research and lecturers and professors in transcribing lectures to assist students. We accurately type research interviews.

Media Transcription – click here to find out more
We can transcribe your YouTube videos, radio, video, webinar or podcast content.

Research Transcription – click here to find out more
In-depth discussions, one-to-one and multi-speaker interviews, focus groups and group discussions.

Property Transcription – click here to find out more
We support property consultants, contractors, planners, surveyors, architects, estate agents, property inventory companies with correspondence, minutes, building survey reports, inventories, schedule of dilapidations, schedules of condition, homebuyer reports, expert witness reports, check-in/check-out reports, sales particulars, rental particulars and more.

Scottish Accent / Gaelic Transcriptionclick here to find out more
Based in Scotland with a team of native Scottish speakers and proofreaders, we are best placed to process and understand your Scottish accent recordings.  We can also take Gaelic audio for translation into English.

Oral History Transcription  click here to find out more
Our experienced team have undertaken both small- and large-scale projects for individuals, universities, museums and historians on a wide range of subject matter. We can provide a full verbatim or tidied up transcript (for ease of reading) – whatever your project requires. We can timestamp at regular intervals of 5 or 10 minutes, or whatever you need. We also accept mini-cassette tapes from audio recorded archives. 

Journalist Transcription – click here to find out more 
We can type word-for-word accurately from interviews or voice notes. 

Manuscript Transcription – click here to find out more 
We help authors and publishers turn audio recordings and/or handwritten or already documented manuscripts into editable copy. 

General Transcription
We regularly take on the following general work (but are not limited to): conference recordings, seminars, panel discussions, group discussions, sermons, newsletters, correspondence, risk assessments, CV formatting. If there is anything you need help with that you don’t see on the above lists, please just get in touch. We accept all audio files. We also accept mini-cassette tapes.

Benefits - Outsource Typing

Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

Data entry: Large or small volumes of data inputting
PowerPoint: Creation of templates or an entire presentation
Creation of document templates: In MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, e.g. letter templates, database templates, invoices, to include business logos, etc.
Graphic design: Creation of logos, email signatures, brochures, social media posts, etc.
File conversion: Word-PDF / PDF-Word – we convert and tidy up to match the original exactly and make improvements/amendments if required
Financial recording: Help to record income/expenditure for your business
Coordinate or organise paperwork: Organise projects or streamline and simplify your paperwork
Internet research: For any kind of business or personal project, or academic research
Diary management and travel arrangement / event organisation: To include sourcing meeting space, liaising with attendees, accommodation, travel bookings, catering, etc.

Copy Typing

We can transcribe the copy text from the handwritten original (photocopied or scanned to us) or from printed original copy, e.g. books, PDF files, old typed documents, etc.

Copy Editing and Proofreading 

Whatever you have – be it a long manuscript, newsletter, formal correspondence, reports, copy for a blog or article – we will proofread this for you, and edit where required, so you can be confident that the work you send off or submit will be word-perfect and in an appropriate layout and design. Click here to find out more.

 Further details about the work we do can also be found in our FAQ and Blog.