Dedicated UK-based typists deliver your transcription work

We never use non-human methods for transcription (voice-recognition software). We only ever use our own carefully selected and highly skilled UK-based transcribers. We are also formally qualified in proofreading. We offer the following core tasks:Outsource Typing Core Services

Transcription Services, Typing Services & Secretarial Services

We carry out a range of complex transcription tasks such as:

  • Medical Transcription 
    Medico-legal, medical notes, summaries, clinic letters, etc.
  • Legal Transcription 
    Letters, memos, court documents.
  • Academic Transcription 
    We assist students, lecturers and professors in transcribing lectures to assist students. We accurately type research interviews.
  • HR Transcription 
    We can produce a verbatim transcript of your grievance and disciplinary hearing meetings.
  • Media Transcription 
    We can transcribe your YouTube videos, radio, video, or podcast content.
  • Market Research Transcription 
    In-depth discussions, one-to-one and multi-speaker interviews, focus groups.
  • Other types of Transcription  
    Journalist interviews, conference recordings, seminars, panel discussions, focus groups.
  • Typing / Secretarial Tasks 
    Sermons, newsletters, risk assessments, surveyor’s reports, CV formatting.

Interview Transcript Styles

Please let us know your preference. If unsure, we offer three standard styles for presenting interview and video transcripts – email us for further details.  We aim to provide an accurate and professional finish – additional benefits include:  Benefits - Outsource Typing

Virtual Personal Assistant Tasks

  • Call handling/call fielding – for large projects/events or to assist you during busy times
  • PowerPoint – we can create templates or entire presentation
  • Creation of document templates – in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, e.g. letter templates, database templates, invoices, etc.
  • File conversion – Word-PDF / PDF-Word – we convert and tidy up to match the original
  • Data entry
  • Financial – help to record income/expenditure
  • Coordinate or organise paperwork
  • Internet research – for any kind of business project or academic research
  • Diary management and travel arrangement / event organisation

Copy Typing
Copy typing from handwritten original, photocopied text from books, PDF, etc.

Copy Editing and Proofreading 
Whatever you have – be it a long manuscript, newsletter, formal correspondence, reports, copy for a blog or article – we will proofread this for you and edit where required so you can be confident that the work you send off or submit will be word-perfect and in the appropriate layout and design.

 Further details about the work we do can also be found in our FAQ and Blog.