Who our transcription & VA work is carried out by 

We never use non-human methods for transcription (i.e. often problematic voice-recognition software). Our carefully selected UK-based transcribers have a combined 100 years’ experience in secretarial and transcription work. We are also formally qualified in copy editing and proofreading.

Core Transcription & VA Tasks
We offer the following core tasks:

  • Transcription / Typing / Secretarial
  • Personal Assistant Tasks
  • Copy Typing
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading

Transcription / Typing / Secretarial
We can carry out a range of complex transcription tasks such as:

  • Medical Transcription 
    Medico-legal, medical notes, summaries, clinic letters, etc.
  • Legal Transcription 
    Letters, memos, court documents.
  • Academic Transcription 
    We assist students, lecturers and professors in transcribing lectures to assist students. We accurately type research interviews.
  • HR Transcription 
    We can produce a verbatim transcript of your grievance and disciplinary hearing meetings.
  • Media Transcription 
    We can transcribe your YouTube videos, radio, video, or podcast content.
  • Market Research Transcription 
    In-depth discussions, one-to-one and multi-speaker interviews, focus groups.
  • Other types of Transcription  
    Journalist interviews, conference recordings, seminars, panel discussions, focus groups.
  • Typing / Secretarial Tasks 
    Sermons, newsletters, risk assessments, surveyor’s reports, CV formatting.

Interview Transcript Styles 
We have three styles we use for presenting interview transcripts – email us for further details.

Additional Info:

  • We aim to identify all respondents / interviewees where possible
  • We can time-stamp every 10 minutes if required
  • For video / media transcripts, we can time-stamp every time a speaker is introduced or for segments containing music, intros., etc.

Virtual PA Tasks 

  • Call handling/call fielding – for large projects/events or to assist you during busy times
  • PowerPoint – we can create templates or entire presentation
  • Creation of document templates – in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, e.g. letter templates, database templates, invoices, etc.
  • File conversion – Word-PDF / PDF-Word – we convert and tidy up to match the original
  • Data entry
  • Financial – help to record income/expenditure
  • Coordinate or organise paperwork
  • Internet research – for any kind of business project or academic research
  • Diary management and travel arrangement / event organisation

Copy Typing
Copy typing from handwritten original, photocopied text from books, PDF, etc.

Copy Editing and Proofreading 
Whatever you have – be it a long manuscript, newsletter, formal correspondence, copy for a blog or article – we will proofread this for you and edit where required so you can be confident that the work you send off or submit will be word-perfect and in the appropriate layout and design.

 Further details about the work we do can also be found in our FAQ and Blog.