Improve Your Transcription Career With Time-Saving Tech

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Are you a new transcriber looking for ideas on how to improve and speed up processes?  Are you stuck in a rut with your transcription career? This is the e-book for you! You’ll likely have some pretty sophisticated software at your fingertips, but might have no idea how to start using it to your advantage to save you time – and increase your earning potential!

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This guide is perfect for new and old transcribers alike, looking to continually improve or to take the next steps to progress their career and maximise their earning potential. You’ll receive a 24-page PDF e-book, filled with all my tips and tricks, self-taught over the years, or just by sheer failure and then determined research, hard work and success!  It’s filled with advice on how to work more effectively.

This e-book offers you the guidance to improve your working life by utilising the tech you have at your fingertips to work harder for you so you can work smarter!

The e-book includes tips on how to set up:

Microsoft Word – details how to set up useful and time-saving Macros plus several useful codes, shortcuts, tips on advanced functions you can use to help you save time, plus lots more.

Transcription software – advanced details of how to set up your software so you’re making the best use of all the settings available to you to save time and improve audio quality.

Equipment – details for how to make sure you’re getting the best out of your equipment and considerations to make when choosing what’s right for you, plus in-depth information on getting it right with headphones!

Bonus content – offers advice to help you set up a home office properly, highlighting some considerations you might not have realised, helping to break some bad habits.

I offer step-by-step guides for all versions of software you might have and for all abilities. You might be new to transcribing but everything that I will recommend I can guarantee will come in useful to you immediately, and if not immediately then at some point very soon in your new career when you realise its potential. This is an invaluable guide to keep handy.

I'm Fiona, owner and founder of Outsource Typing. Based in the UK, we provide Virtual PA, audio typing and transcription services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram.

1 review for Improve Your Transcription Career With Time-Saving Tech

  1. Kathy Williams

    I first read Fiona’s book “How to work from home”, which is full of useful information on how to set up a transcription business. I also purchased “Improve Your Transcription Career With Time-Saving Tech”, again, very informative with short-cut techniques to speed up the process of transcribing work. Both books have spurred me on. I am a qualified audio typist looking to become freelance. I now know where to start; the legal implications, equipment, safe working and how to find clients.

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