The Home-Based Typist: A Complete Guide for Freelance Audio Typists & Transcribers

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What is a more flexible working pattern worth to you? Find out how you can work flexibly as a transcriber or transcription business owner – or both! Designed specifically for new or budding transcription businesses needing an extra boost, or secretaries/typists wishing to become transcribers.

Create your own business, snag your own clients, work flexibly… and do it all from the comfort of your own home!


This 39-page A4 PDF e-book is a perfectly tailored and indispensable all-in-one guide for existing transcribers wishing to start up a new business, or for secretaries/typists looking to transfer their valuable skills into working from home for transcription agencies.

You might be:

  • Working full-time but want to reduce to part-time hours and also combine this with earning money from typing at home
  • Working full-time as a transcriber but want to advance to the next level and boost your income, earning money from your own clients, in addition to having the optional safety net of agency working
  • Looking for a more flexible working option
  • Soon to retire but looking for optional ad hoc freelance work into the future
  • Experiencing redundancy or seeking a change in an alternative role to fit your skills
  • Unsure of how you can get into the industry/unsure how to approach transcription agencies for work
  • Getting knocked back on applications to transcription agencies

The e-book has been pulled together from years of tried and tested approaches, hard earned knowledge and is PACKED full of helpful advice, resources and helpful mini projects that will help you maximise your chances of getting accepted by transcription agencies, and gives you the tools to help you start up your own transcription business!

Included in the e-book are details of:

  • The type and choice of equipment and software you will need, and how and when to use it properly
  • The transcription industry – how it works, what to expect, how to prepare
  • Easy website design and development
  • Comprehensive advice on how to define your pricing structure and details of setup costs
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
  • Thinking about where to find clients
  • Marketing basics for a start-up transcription business
  • How to design your own graphics and branding
  • What to do when your enquiries start coming in 🙂
  • Tips to help you manage workflow and transcribe faster!

I’ve been in the industry since 2011 and run my own successful transcription business. I’ve worked with all types of transcription agencies – from large to small, and all over the globe. I know what it takes to make it and I can share my secrets with you to help make the process easier for you and help you succeed where others have and can so easily fail without the right coaching.

I'm Fiona, owner and founder of Outsource Typing. Based in the UK, we provide Virtual PA, audio typing and transcription services to businesses and individuals worldwide. You can follow us on Twitter and Google+

3 reviews for The Home-Based Typist: A Complete Guide for Freelance Audio Typists & Transcribers

  1. clswordservices

    If you are thinking about becoming a transcriber for a company or starting their own at-home business, this book is a great way to learn the basics of what’s needed to get started. It covers tools of the trade, the basics of the industry, finances, marketing, and graphic design. I highly recommend it!

  2. Sam Waslin

    This e-book is an ideal way to focus your mind on what you need to do when it comes to starting your own transcription business. If you’re just starting out on this road and you need some guidance, this is the ideal book for you.

  3. Sandy Booth

    An excellent guide for those considering this line of work. The book gives a fantastic overview of this career field. It’s very informative. I’ve read it twice! As a beginner in this field, I highly recommend this book.

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