Oral History Transcription

oral history transcription

Some of the most interesting work that we take on is oral history transcription.  It can be in such a wide range of subject matter, with people of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the world.  We love this type of work and find it engaging, interesting and a privilege to complete.  We understand the importance of capturing the information accurately.

Occasionally, original oral history interview recordings can be of poor quality (from both cassette tape and modern digital recordings) and difficult to understand.  That’s why it’s important that a specialist transcription service is chosen when looking to preserve the information for future generations and research.  It’s important to employ a service who will listen carefully to the recordings in order to understand them, and take the time to research properly any spellings or unfamiliar terms.

To help us produce an accurate transcript, it can help to provide us with the interviewer’s notes or a helpful word/crib sheet of any unusual words or terms spoken during the interview, and we will always perform our own research for spellings or unfamiliar terms/phrases, where required, at no extra cost.

Our transcriber team have been selected carefully and are experts in transcribing oral history projects. Over the years these have included topics such as:

  • Song writing and music
  • Travel and transport over a lifespan
  • The Scottish whisky distilleries
  • Gaelic folklore and songs
  • Local history
  • Poetry
  • Traditions
  • Stories
  • General information about particular local areas over the years – and lots more

We can produce a professional transcript in either full verbatim or a tidied up version for ease of reading (omitting repetition, ums, ers, background noises, emotions, etc.).  We can add a timestamp at regular intervals (typically every 5 or 10 minutes depending on the length of the audio).

Our pricing structure is simple and easy.  Work is organised through our online secure portal, which is encrypted, safe and very user friendly – you can set your own deadlines and upload files, or have your secretary, admin staff or PA upload the files to us within minutes, delivered straight to our typing team.

Confidentiality and security is of the utmost importance – further information can be found on our homepage.

Please click here for examples of our formal transcript templates to choose from.

Please get in touch if you’d like us to transcribe your interviews: fiona@outsource-typing.com or telephone 01875 340 892 to discuss your project.