Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant and Outsourcing
A Virtual Assistant (VA), aka Virtual Secretary, is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, marketing, clerical, book keeping, payroll, website, SEO or social media tasks for your business on a contract basis, assisting clients from a home office (hence the term, “virtual”).

Using a service such as this can benefit you or your company in a number of ways, mainly:

Saving you time – with the added benefit that you are free to put the focus back into your core business endeavours.  Last minute or urgent tasks can be tackled outwith normal office hours.   No more struggling along during periods of sickness absence or holidays.

Saving you money – you only pay for the tasks undertaken. No need to approach expensive agencies, or hire further members of staff, which may be unnecessary if you can reasonably outsource to a VA. Therefore, no need to pay for training, pension or other associated staff costs.

Stress and hassle-free! Relax in the knowledge that you have passed on a task to capable hands.

We offer a quick turnaround of completion and aim to provide a tailored and professional finish to your work, all on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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